Language acquisition

Language acquisition in MYP

Learning a language in MYP is a complex, multilayered process, and is approached and taught as such.
The aim of language acquisition in MYP is for students to:
– gain proficiency in an additional language; learn about its linguistic aspects, while reading and listening about great variety of topics, and discussing them;
– learn about linguistic diversity, linguistic systems, various ways of verbal expression, and richness of our world with respect to languages, dialogues, accents, which then leads us understanding dynamics in and between minorities and majorities using them;
– go beyond what they know about themselves and their culture, in order to be more open, tolerant, and appreciative of other ways of thinking and behaving;
– equip students with the necessary multiliteracy skills, so that they can employ that knowledge in various global contexts.
– develop appreciation for various types of texts; develop creativity and critical thinking; learn how to understand, approach, and comprehend them;
– use language creatively as a vehicle of thought, reflection, and self-expression in various context;
– use linguistic skills in non-linguistic areas;
– develop curiosity, constant interest in learning about ever-changing world and expression that entails the change.

Assessment in MYP language acquisition:

Criterion A: Comprehending spoken and visual text
Students interpret and construct meaning from spoken and visual texts to understand how images presented with oral text interplay to convey ideas, values and attitudes.

Criterion B: Comprehending written and visual text
Students construct meaning and interpret written and visual text to understand how images presented with written text interplay to convey ideas, values and attitudes.

Criterion C: Communicating in response to spoken and/or written and/or visual text
Students develop their communication skills by interacting on a range of topics of personal, local and global interest and significance, and responding to spoken, written and visual text in the target language.

Criterion D: Using language in spoken and/or written form
Students recognize and use language suitable to the audience and purpose (for example, home, classroom, formal and informal, social, academic contexts). Students apply their understanding of linguistic and literary concepts to develop a variety of structures, strategies and techniques.

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