Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education (PHE)

The aim of PHE is to develop motor and interpersonal competencies of a student with a major focus on physical and social skills and abilities, attitudes and values of the student. The units are thematically oriented to various topics. This content might include: physical and health-related knowledge, aesthetic movement, team sports, individual sports, international sports and activities, alternative recreational sports, adventure activities. Some of the units are very closely related to other academic subjects what demands an inter-disciplinary cooperation. The students often work in coeducational groups on different long-term projects and assignments. MYP students attend PHE 3 times per week.
Assessment for individuals and societies courses in all years of the programme is criterion-related, based on four equally weighted assessment criteria:
Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
Criterion B: Planning for performance
Criterion C: Applying and performing
Criterion D: Reflecting and improving performance

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