MYP Sciences helps learners to understand the physical world around them and
equips them with necessary skills to ask right questions, create valid hypotheses
look further than their closest proximity and care for the environment. It
encourages learners to consider local and global impacts of science and human
behavior on our home planet.
This subject group incorporates disciplines traditionally studied under general term
„sciences“, in our school divided into 3 subjects – physics, chemistry and biology.
The study of sciences helps students to grasp true nature of world around them,
question nature of impossible and open new perspectives to their understanding of
physical space and time. Creating truly open-minded, caring and knowledgeable
individuals capable of personal and professional growth. Studies are essential for
full implementation of IB Learner profiles and international-mindedness within core
of students characters and behaviour.
Assessment for individuals and societies courses in all years of the programme is
criterion-related summative assessment supported by continuous formative
assessment feedback, based on four equally weighted summative assessment
Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
Criterion B: Inquiring and design
Criterion C: Processing and evaluating
Criterion D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

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