Counselling and support programme at MYP

In alignment with IBO and school mission, that is developing the whole potential of every child and creating a friendly and safe working environment, we provide the following programmes at our school.

With support of our psychology department, we have decided to join the CHIPS programme (Child-line in partnership with schools) under the leadership of UNICEF in Slovakia. The main idea of this programme is to have peer support in the school environment. Each classroom from the MYP programme has voted a representative who has been trained in listening and communicating. Peer support should provide the children a safe, supportive system that makes it easier to talk about things that are troubling them and to get a feedback and support from someone of a similar age.

The professional counselling, led by our school psychologist, is aimed at students for whom social and emotional issues are interfering with their optimal learning process or general development. Counselling is provided individually, in groups or whole classes. The counsellor is also available as a resource for parents, providing guidance on issues related to adolescent development, parenting and the student's school experience. When students or families require support that extends beyond the means of the resources of the school, or when parents request additional assistance, the counsellor will provide parents with information regarding professional services in the community. The counsellor is also available as a resource for teachers.

The office hours PhDr. Renáta Nemčoková: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8.00 - 15.30
For an appointment, please write to: nemcokova@gjh.sk or call: 02/210 28 333