Dear students, dear parents and dear teachers,

Our studentsí needs, their interest in reading and our faith in the power of books have inspired us to launch a Reading Programme for all MYP students.

The reading programme gives our students a great opportunity to improve their language skills in English, German, Slovak and Spanish by reading their favourite book in the beginning of most language lessons, depending on the year. Extending their vocabulary, exploring new language structures and limits of their imagination, questioning their grammar with all the exceptions, adapting either the beautifully rich written language or the commonly used one, and finally creating their own style of writing and speaking = these are the essential issues reading offers. Moreover, reading a book in the beginning of each class serves as a warm up in which the student prepares himself for working with the language in the lesson.

Download: Reading record (.doc), Book summary (.doc)

How it works:

  • Students can read their own book or borrow it from our school library. Electronic readers such as Kindle are also allowed.
  • Our language teachers are also open to help with their reading material and their choices.
  • Every student keeps a reading log (available on our web site (see above)) to track his reading successes and materials and saves it electronically.
  • Teachers are sent updates of the reading record and summaries by email.

The students who've read the most books will be awarded at the end of the school year.