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The Personal project holds a very important place in the MYP programme. It is a product of student's own initiative and should reflect his/her own experience of MYP as well as her/his involvement with the five areas of interaction. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to show their talent, enthusiasm and creativity in the areas of their choice and demonstrate the skills they have developed in Approaches to Learning.

The personal project must not be bound by any specific subject and it should not affect the students' personal and social life in a negative way. It is normally completed during the MYP 5 year over an extended period of time.

The Personal project may take limitless forms, for example:

  • An original work of art (visual, drama, or performance)
  • A written piece of work on a chosen topic
  • A piece of literary fiction (that is, creative writing)
  • An original science experiment
  • An invention or specially designed object or system
  • The presentation of a developed business, management, or organisational plan, a special event, or a development of a new student or community organisation
The student will reflect on the entire process from start to finish under the guidance of a supervisor from the school teaching staff. All students will present their projects at the Personal Project Fair with all teachers, parents and younger students.