• How do I learn best?
  • How do I know?
  • How do I communicate my understanding?

Through ATL teachers provide students with the tools to enable them to take responsibility for their own learning, thereby developing an awareness of how they learn best, of thought processes and of learning strategies.


  • How do we live in relation to others?
  • How can I contribute to the community?
  • How can I help others?

This component requires students to take an active part in the communities in which they live, thereby encouraging responsible citizenship.

Personal project

Community project

Related concepts

Related concepts and their definitions are found in each MYP subject-group guide, along with examples of how they are used to develop MYP units. Teachers can develop additional related concepts to meet the needs of students and local or national curriculum requirements. For each unit, teachers identify one or more related concept(s) that extend(s) learning, lead(s) to deeper understanding, or offer(s) another perspective from which to understand the identified key concept(s).